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Faye @ Ιστορίες με Αγρίους

Νίκος Τσέκος

Απόψε στις 21:00, η Faye στις Ιστορίες με Αγρίους!


Born and raised on the island of Rhodes, Faye showed her artistic talents at a very early age. She studied classical piano, classical and electric guitar. She’s an AUEB (Athens University of Economics and Business) graduate and a National Conservatory graduate in Contemporary Singing. She professionally works as a singer, covering a wide range of musical styles, from jazz to soul, funk, r&b and hip-hop.


Lead singer of Blues Bug (soul, funk, disco, blues) 2000-2006

Lead singer of Beatdrop (nu soul,r&b, gospel) 2003-2006

Lead singer of Group Therapy (soulful jazz) 2005-2009

Lead singer/mc of Boogie Bass (ethnic groove) 2004-2005

Lead singer of Streetbuzz ( r&b ,nu-soul ,hip-hop) 2006-2009

Lead singer of Imam Baildi - since 2009

Currently performing as a solo artist

Live PA (Performance Artist):

Performed as Lady Nice at Pure Black Thursdays, at Vibe bar (r&b, hip hop) 2003-2004 

Performed at 100% Dynamite Tuesdays, at Guru bar (reggae, dub, funk, hip hop) 2003-2004

Lead member of the Mo'Flava crew playing at HOME club for Gordon's R&B Wednesday nights (r&b,hip hop) 2004-2005

Performed @ GUZEL, P4 r&b nights, Christmas 2009-2010

Performed @ BARAONDA “B” nights every Thursday 2009-2010

Other notable performances:

Stavros tou Notou club 1999-2000,

European Music Days "Listen Up" p.a. with dj Espeekay June 2005

Many live jazz events including:

2 seasons at "Frame Bar"/ Saint George Lycabettus Hotel (2005-2006, 2006-2007)

2 seasons at "All Day Bar"/THE MALL (2007/2008,2008/2009)

Jazz session @ the grand opening of GOLDEN HALL, January 2009

MEGARO MOUSIKIS, jazz session @ the ceremony of the “Entrepreneur of the year”, May 2009

BO club-summer 2007 with Panos Mouzourakis and George Mylwnas

ROSKILDE FESTIVAL (Denmark) with Imam Baildi, July 2009

BABYLON CLUB (Cesme) with Imam Baildi, August 2009

MEGARO MOUSIKIS, Imam Baildi with Eleonora Zouganeli, September 2009

BABYLON CLUB (Istanbul) with Imam Baildi, October 2009

Papakwnstantinou-Zouganelis-Mpoulas-Papadopoulos-Hristidou, Akti Peiraiws, 2009-2010

Sommerfestival (Stuttgart) with Imam Baildi , July 2010

2010 tour with Vasilis Papakwnstantinou

2011 New Year’s Eve Party with Imam Baildi as headliners at Gloria Theater (Cologne)

Radio aired song:

Troubles-Palov ft Lady Faye and Angelos Angelidhs (Cast-a-Blast)

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